REair products have been the subject of scientific experimentation in numerous research centers in order to evaluate and certify, in the various areas of application, the effectiveness and durability of the photocatalytic activity, the degree of abatement of pollutants in the outdoor environment (NOx) over time, self-cleaning benefit and the level and effectiveness of the antibacterial activity of microorganisms and non-toxicity.

Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) is classified by the US FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) and "Safe to use in any form" (active, inactive, micro and nano) by the European Science Commission.

Tests carried out by Studio Ambiente S.r.l. have verified the decomposition of 99.64% of the microbes of the Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC15442 strain present on a nickel-plated brass handle treated with a photocatalytic system based on titanium dioxide.
Other tests carried out by the Artest laboratory of Modena certify a reduction of 99.79% of the bacterial strain of Escherichia coli and 99.98% of Staphylococcus aureus. The Department of Chemistry of the University of Turin and the National Research Council show that in 60 minutes, with an irradiation at 20W m-2, there is a 94% NOx reduction.

Numerous laboratory tests have confirmed the rapid reduction in the percentage of nicotine, benzene and formaldehyde in closed environments.

Among the certificates obtained:


Antiviral activity REair Original Plus (BETACORONAVIRUS) - EUROFINS BIOLAB


Gold Standard for Chemical Emissions for Building Materials, Finishes and Furnishings (UL)


Efficacy of REair Original product - South Agro



In the hospital environment "La Sapienza University".

Determination of photocatalytic activity University of Turin


Determination of photocatalytic activity under LED light irradiation


University of Milan I.R.C.S. Galeazzi

ISO 27447:2009 TEST REPORT

Antibacterial activity of Gramnegative microorganisms (Gram Positive "Artest")

ISO 27447:2009 TEST REPORT

Antibacterial activity against Vibrio Cholerae: "Bicocca University".

ISO 27447:2009 EVALUATION 

REair Original photocatalytic mechanism


Product risk assessment report - EUROFINS BIOLAB



Improve air quality by using the right paints: photovoltaic paints

Ministry of the Environment / Photocatalysis is the natural phenomenon in which a substance, called a photocatalyst, through the action of light (natural or produced by special lamps) changes the speed of a chemical reaction. In the presence of air and light a strong oxidative process is activated, which leads to the decomposition of organic and inorganic substances...

Test Report: UNI 11484 Standard - Determination of photocatalytic activity with tangential flow method - Abatement of nitric oxide

UNIVERSITY OF TURIN - Department of CHEMISTRY - CEA Laboratory - Chemistry Energy Environment / The photocatalytic NO / NOx abatement test in the presence of the sample was carried out using the analysis method described in standard UNI 11484 (Determination of photocatalytic activity with tangential continuous flow method…

Test report: Evaluation of the antibacterial activity of photocatalytic materials against Vibrio cholerae

UNIVERSITY OF MILAN - BICOCCA - DEPARTMENT OF MEDICINE AND SURGERY - Laboratory of Microbiology and Clinical Virology / The client requested an evaluation of the antibacterial activity of the REair product, applied on hard surfaces, against Vibrio cholerae. The REair product, photocatalytic material composed of colloidal dispersion…

The biohazard problem

Riccardo DAL MOLIN / Fiorenzo PASTONI - The Italian and European legislative context. The real meaning of the concept of 'biohazard', specifically introduced into Italian legislation by article 74 of Legislative Decree no. 626/1994 (1), following the advance contained in Legislative Decree no. 277/1991 (2) (where, however, it did not go beyond the simple and generic…

Evaluation of the state of the art according to the ISO 27447: 2009 norm of the photovoltaic material REair Original

The ability of titanium oxide (TiO2) to function as a photocatalyst has been known for about 90 years [1]. A renewed interest has emerged in the last 30 years with the advent of cheap and environmentally friendly methods of TiO2 synthesis in nanometric (TiO2-NP). The nanometric size of these particles allowed to significantly increase the properties…

Report on degradation tests of aqueous methyline blue solutions with white ground active tile

REAIR S.r.l. has commissioned SOUTH AGRO srl to carry out a test to evaluate and quantify the photocatalytic activity of some of its products. These TiO2-based compounds are capable of transforming complex substances into simpler ones under light irradiation. The test had the aim of verifying operation also with an LED lamp...

Titanium Dioxide, a useful and irreplaceable substance in numerous uses

In recent decades, a chemical deriving from titanium has proven to be useful for its activities and characteristics in numerous fields with use in the cosmetic, food and chemical fields and in the current treatment in the environmental field: titanium dioxide. In the present discussion, in fact, among the numerous characteristics and properties of Dioxide…

Air pollution in indoor environments

Air pollution in indoor environments, environment-individual interactions, innovative systems and technologies for the reduction of environmental pollution. Indoor air quality (IAQ) refers to the internal air that you breathe in confined spaces, such as homes, public and private offices, community facilities (hospitals…

Test Report N. 2939 / EL MI17 - Artest S.p.A.

CERAMIC MATERIALS / Ceramic tile / Product name REAIR ORIGINAL - specimen subjected to test size 50 x 50 mm with thickness 10 mm; samples subjected to the following pre-exposure conditions: irradiation of 1 mW / cm2 for 24h; the pre-exposure phase and conditions have been requested by the Client; features…

Antibacterial activity of REair

UNIVERSITY OF MILAN - CLINICAL AND MICROBIOLOGICAL ANALYSIS LABORATORY - I.R.C.C.S. GALEAZZI / The antibacterial activity of Reair, aqueous colloidal dispersion of photocatalytic TiO2 for surface treatment, spray solution was evaluated. The product was used as it was, keeping it for the period of experimental tests at…



THE CONSTITUTION: Part I - Rights and duties of citizens / Title II - Ethical-social relations / The Republic protects health as a fundamental right of the individual and an interest of the community, and guarantees free care to the poor. Nobody can be forced to a specific health treatment except by law. The law cannot in any...

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Innovative systems and technologies for the mitigation and reduction of environmental pollution (Official Journal of the Italian Rep.)

1. ENVIRONMENTAL COMPONENT: Air pollution - 2. DESCRIPTION: Mortars, Floorings, Paints, Plasters and Coatings containing Photocatalytic substances with Titanium Dioxide (Ti O2) for the reduction of nitrogen oxides NOx, VOC, Bacteria, and other atmospheric pollutants. In particular: 2.1 Drainage road surface reinforced with glass yarn...

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Indoor pollution - Official Journal of the Italian Republic

[...] II, low polluting building, annex B.1) refer to the UNI 15251: 2008 standard. Secondary toilets without openings must be compulsorily equipped with forced ventilation systems, which guarantee at least 5 replacements per hour. In the realization of mechanically controlled ventilation systems (VMC), heat loss must be limited…

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Leg. April 9, 2008, n. 81 - Consolidated text on health and safety at work - Attachments pages. 146-147 / Annex thus amended by the decree of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies of 06 August 2012 published in the Official Gazette n.218 of 18 September 2012, in implementation of Council Directive 98/24 / EC and amending Directive 2009 / 39 / EC of…

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